Monday, April 30, 2012

Project 2012 -- Week 17 -- 4/22-28

Project 2012 -- Week 17
April 22 - April 28

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My Week 17 Photos

I'm sure you've heard of squatters--people who are living illegally in a house not their own.  Well, we have a couple of squatters; this is the third year they've come back to live in our back yard.  But, we don't mind!  One year they nested right next to the house among the daylilies.  We missed seeing the babies--one day the eggs were there, and the next day the eggs were hatched and the ducks and ducklings were gone.  They let me get pretty close for pictures, too.  :)

[113] Resident ducks

Ellie lay quiet all week until I brought her with me to the Naperville Riverwalk with Jacob and Danny.  Jacob's college music class had a field trip to tour the Carillon, made up of 72 bells.  I'm standing beneath the biggest one, named Big Joe.  It weighs about six tons.  There's an actual carilloneur who plays the bells at certain times throughout the week.

[114] Big Joe

The facade of the Carillon tower is ugly--many people, including me, think so.  But the view--the below is from halfway up--is fantastic, and the $3 tour was definitely worth it.

 [114] Downtown Naperville from the Carillon

Even with a stiff breeze off the lake (Lake Michigan), and cloudy conditions, we could see the skyline of Chicago faintly in the distance.  (FYI, the city is about 30-35 miles away.)

[115] Chicago skyline from the Naperville Carillon

Enough of the far-away panoramic shots.  Back in my own back yard, I counted four little strawberry plants that survived their first winter in my garden.  This makes me happy.

 [116] Baby strawberry plant

I also found some columbine blooming in my garden dirt heap in the back corner of the yard.

[117] Columbine

My older brother's trailer still sits next to our pool, as it has for several years now.  I'm thinking we should charge him rent!  It makes a great, interesting photo, at least.

 [118] Old trailer

It has been cold here, and I've taken to wearing my winter sweaters again.  It is nice enough, though, that I'm a able to get outside more often and capture more outdoor things.  I'm so thankful for warming weather!

Happy week to you!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. All the pictures are great, but honestly Paul and I loved looking at the Naperville ones. :) It's always great to see those kinds of areas in Illinois, reminds us of our childhood and growing up there. :)

  2. Love your shots of the city - especially the bell. And the trailer does make for good photography!