Monday, April 23, 2012

Project 2012 -- Week 16 4/5-22

Project 2012 -- Week 16
April 15 - April 22

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My Week 16 Photos

Another week of eclectic photos...

I've been posting recipes on my family blog, and the below will be featured in an upcoming post.

[106] Breakfast biscuits with grape preserves

Everything bloomed early this spring in Illinois, including the chives which found a spot to pop up in my veggie gardens.

 [107] Blooming chives

A Scrabble game that started out badly ended with another high score!  I played this one with my mom.

[108] 847

We finished up the weekend visiting Western Illinois University.  Jacob attended a transfer student orientation, where he signed up for fall classes, learned about the many ways to be involved on campus, and got a tour (with us) of the campus and dorms.

[109] Student mail

The below building is the first building that greets you when you enter campus.

[110] Sherman Hall

I couldn't resist getting a shot of Jacob at his future school!

[111] Jacob at WIU

On the way home, my sweet hubby pulled over onto the side of the road in Adair so I could snap this picture (we saw the building on the way in the day before).  This and the Adair Cafe make up the downtown of this little prairie town of about 200 people.  There was actually a guy inside playing pool on this particular Saturday night!

[112] Downtown Adair

All in all, I had a decent week of taking photos.  My brain is filled to overload with college information--admissions, scholarships, financial aid, housing...  Now I have to get to work helping Jacob get the final details in place as he prepares to attend WIU!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Love the chive shot! I still have a few years before college, but I am sure it is daunting!

  2. Such nice shots. I didn't know chives bloom like that.

    Right now Sarah's not thinking of going to college, but if she changes her mind, I'll be contacting you for help with the process. :)