Sunday, April 29, 2012

Whalon Lake

Just a mile or so from home lies this relatively new park called Whalon Lake.  I'm slowly getting used to the fact that many new parks in this area are devoid of trees.  Farmers used to farm this whole area of the Prairie State, so few trees existed as the farms evolved into communities, towns, and cities.  In newly built subdivisions, trees are brought in from nurseries and planted.  You can tell when you drive through an older neighborhood by its beautiful mature tree-lined streets.

But enough about trees.  Whalon Lake Preserve doesn't boast trees--yet--but there's a lake, a dog run, and lots of walking paths.  One windy day in March, I decided to hop on over to "see what I could see."  And here is what I saw:

I focused on these black ducks, all grouped together being blown about by the breeze.  I think they are American coots.  I stepped down from the dock area and carefully picked my way along the muddy shore just to get a closer shot.

Below, the duck right in the middle was buffeted by the waves--evidence of how strongly the wind was blowing!  I think these ducks were pretty brave to face that stiff breeze.

The early spring shoreline bared rocks and drab brown grasses.

I saw a hint of white on the wind-blown waves!

I turned to the brown landscape in search of something.  I was challenged to capture something pretty despite the lack of color.

Pre-spring does present its challenges--the cold, the lack of color.  But those same challenges reveal other interesting things--shapes, shadows, and detail.  I'm glad I went to the lake that day.

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Beautiful location! Yes, pre spring is pretty brown... luckily we are in the green now!

  2. It may lack color, but they are beautiful shots all the same. Wish we had more lakes out here. Maybe we do, I just need to find some and then make some time to get out to them. Hopefully in a couple of weeks when the kids are done with school for the summer. :)