Friday, April 20, 2012

Winter Walk in the Woods

I haven't blogged much about all the nature shots I've taken over the past several weeks, so here is the first installment showcasing my nature photography.

Last autumn I found a little trail in the woods near my home that was a nice "escape to calmness" during a hectic week.  I decided to go back during the winter to see if there were any scenes to capture.  Even though winter seems stark, cold, and gray, there are surprises to be found if you pay attention to details.

I'm glad I went in the late afternoon, with the sun low in the sky casting its beautiful light into the bare woods.

The posts on the little footbridge were capped with newly fallen snow.

The trees take on such interesting shapes!

I love stopping randomly and looking up.

The sun was headed down for the evening, and I had to get home to prepare for dinner.  What a beautiful, quiet walk in the winter woods!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. What beautiful pictures. What a nice path you have near your house, seems like some great photo opportunities. :)