Monday, April 9, 2012

P2012 Week 14 -- 4/1-7

Project 2012 -- Week 14
April 1 - April 7

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My Week 14 Photos

I had a great week last week, photographically speaking.  In preparation for my last photog class, I had to take images based on the light.  We were focusing on side lighting, front lighting, and back lighting.  The goal was to focus on where the light was in relation to my subject.  A couple of my guys and I took a quick jaunt to a park right after dinner one sunny (and balmy) evening, and I experimented with the light.  Thomas is not a "smile-for-the-camera" kind of teenager, but I do like his tough guy look.  (He really is a sweetheart.)  The below was a side-lit shot.

[92] Thomas

What a treat to have the privilege of accompanying my dad to Jacob's college class, where Jacob put on a presentation about the harmonica.  He and his grandpa played Amazing Grace for the class, and Jacob also had his grandpa play his Little Lady, a harmonica just over one inch in length.

[93] College duo

I drove by this park on the way to photog class each week, and I finally snagged some time to stop and wander around for just a little bit.  There wasn't too much going on in the woods, but if I looked closely and thought outside the box, I could see some interesting shapes.  Again, I was focused on the light.  In the below image, I love how the sunlight was illuminating the tops of these little umbrella-shaped plants.  I should've taken a wide-angle shot; the glittering sunlight was pretty amazing.

 [94] Sunlight on plants

I got down on the ground for the below shot; I like the shape of the wood and the top-lit brightness.

[95] Tree on the ground

I found a neat website that helped me identify these little bloomers.  I'm a big fan of blue.  :)

[96] Virginia bluebells

I saw the below scene as I began my walk through the woods, but I just couldn't find the right angle to get a good picture (there was a building in the background).  But, as I walked the last bit of trail, the below caught my eye.  I had my 70-300mm telephoto lens on my camera, so I was able to zoom in to capture the little scene without the background clutter.

[97] Bridge and brook

The below image is out of place with the rest of last week's shots!  But that's okay, I think.  Last Saturday was Preparation Day for Sunday's celebration--both Resurrection Sunday and a family celebration of my dad's upcoming 80th birthday.  I made this chocolate cake for my dad.  (I know, I'll post the recipe on my family blog soon!)

[98] My chocolate cake

Have a great week, and enjoy spring!!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Oh I have Virginia Bluebells in my yard and didn't know what they were! The cake looks delicious and love the log picture!

  2. Such pretty pictures. I need to get to the park around here, because I'm really tired of taking pictures of my back yard and the view from it. :)

    I like that cake, I will have to go to your other blog to look for the recipe. :)