Monday, April 16, 2012

Project 2012 -- April 8-14

Project 2012 -- Week 15
April 8 - April 14

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My Week 15 Photos

I used my camera in spurts last week, and got some good images.  It was a week of celebration!

I brought my camera to church, hoping to take a few photos.  I did manage to take a couple of the stained glass in the beautiful chapel we use for services.

[99] Stained glass message

For Resurrection Sunday, our family gathered together to celebrate that HE IS RISEN!  We enjoyed grilling, while also celebrating my dad who turned EIGHTY later in the week!!

[100] The Grillmaster

[101] Happy Birthday!!

[102] Eighty years!!

Then I set my camera aside for a busy week of preparations.  Friday was the culmination of all that prep work.  One of Friday's events was my photography presentation to our local 4-H Club.  I had several students thank me for coming, and tell me that I did a fantastic job.  I was thrilled to be able to share with them some of the things I've learned over the years about taking good photographs.  They were a great audience!

[103] Presentation to the 4-H group

Later on Friday, we had several people come over for Game Night--games, laughter, singing, laughter, talking, laughter, eating...  You get the idea.  My parents "happened to" stop by, and my dear friend Nan had brought cupcakes, other dessert, and ice cream to celebrate--once again--my dad's 80th birthday (which was actually that day, the 13th).  Below, my mom (with Nan) brought in the cupcakes while singing to my dad (that part of the house is really dark and I didn't have my flash--this was the best I could do!).

[104] Second celebration

Saturday was a day of recovery, and the Lord ordered our day as a day of rest, clearing our schedule of commitments so that we could recover from a hectic week.  Jacob was the only one who had to work--he went in for eight hours' work at a local police department for his college internship.

Later in the day, 7:30pm or so, clouds started rolling in.  I notice stuff like that, since I'm frequently at my kitchen window which faces southwest.  My camera happened to still be sitting on the counter, so I grabbed it and took a few shots.  The below clouds rolled through very quickly; within five minutes this particular formation was completely gone.

[105] Cloud waves

I hope you also had a great week, with great images and more importantly--great memories!!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Sounds like a great week. I really like those clouds, so pretty.

  2. Now I want to grill... that looks so good!