Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Challenge

I'm usually up for a challenge.  When it comes to photography, I definitely like a challenge!  And when it comes to photography and someone who does not want his picture taken, I take it as a personal challenge.  It is no longer about photography, but about getting the reaction I want.  Then I can take the picture.

Such was the case this past February at the Mother/Daughter Encouragement Weekend.  I set up my portrait studio in the church's library, and had a great time snapping images of mothers and their daughters throughout the weekend.  Then one family walked in to have their portrait taken--one mom, along with her five daughters.  It took just one look--that littlest one (I'm guessing around three years old) did not want to be there.  There was no way I was going to get her picture.  If I remember correctly, her arms were crossed and she was determined.

I had only minutes with this family, since I had moms coming in with their daughters all throughout the conference.  This was not my typical hour-long photo shoot.  Two minutes, one family picture, done.  I had to work fast.

So, I played Guess Your Name.  Jackpot!  She thought that was pretty funny, and I had her laughing in no time with all the girl names I was thinking up.  Once she was laughing, I quickly got the ladies arranged around their mom, and snapped away.  I got a decent shot, and you can see Haley, in the black dress with red bow, laughing as I snapped this shot.

Whew!  As I started chatting with the mom, Katie (to Haley's right) climbed up on the stool where her mom had been sitting.  She dangled her legs and was having a great time.  Haley thought that that'd be pretty fun, too, so she climbed right on up next to her sister.  Their mom and I noticed, of course, and tried to pose them.  Haley didn't like that, but once her mom got her situated next to her sister, I got her laughing again.  Thank goodness my camera still had all the right settings and was sitting there, waiting!

Mom suggested, "Haley, kiss your sister!"  I guess Haley settled into her good mood at that point, because she turned on the stool and gave her sister a great big hug.  Another opportunity!

Katie was so cute as she just sat there and "took it" from her sister.  And then the moment:

Three awesome shots.  Those were the hardest shots I'd worked for in a long time, and the best images from the entire weekend.  Thanks for playing with me, Haley!

Treasuring life's moments,

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