Monday, May 28, 2012

Project 2012 Week 21 -- May 20-26

Project 2012 -- Week 21
May 20 - May 26

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My Week 21 Photos

I didn't use Ellie that much this past week, but I did get some good images--mostly from my gardens.  This first image is of three of the guys unloading firewood given to us by my parents.  It makes me happy to see my guys working together, and it makes me happy to think of the fires we will have in our fireplace next winter.

[141] Unloading wood

[142] New stack of firewood

It seems that I'm pretty good at gardening with my camera slung over my shoulder.  :)  I spotted the below in my teeny-tiny strawberry patch (five plants strong!).

[143] Strawberry blossom

Upon seeing all the blooms on my sage plant, I've decided to transplant this beauty into part of my flower garden.  I have a whole jar of rubbed sage from last year, and I have yet to use it.  Any ideas of what to do with sage?

 [144] Blooming sage

My green bean plants have emerged!  I planted French filet bush beans this year, since my pole beans didn't work out so well last year.

[145] French filet bean sprout

What was barely in bud one day was in bloom two days later!  My threadleaf coreopsis is so pretty after a rain--or after the shower of my watering hose.  :)

 [146] Threadleaf coreopsis

My variegated beard tongue is apparently a bee attractant.  They don't seem to mind me snooping around with my macro lens.  I caught some super-crisp shots of bumblebees, but I liked this one best.  This bumblebee is actually taking off, which I didn't even realize until I saw the series of shots I took.

[147] Bumblebee takeoff

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  1. Such nice pictures. I always think if I get another lens, I want it to be a zoom lens, I don't take many macro shots. But every time I see your macro shots, makes me think a macro lens might be worth it. :)

  2. Great shots this week - love seeing your garden grow!