Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nature Walk -- Seager Park, Naperville

Can you meander quickly?  That's what I did at Seager Park on a recent spring afternoon.  I had a short time available, so I meandered for about twenty minutes, then returned to the car.  I've said it before--if you look, you can see beauty everywhere.

Everywhere I walked, beds of these little white flowers carpeted the floor of the woods.

I think all of these little "umbrellas" I found were maple trees.  The sunlight was shining beautifully on the leaves.

These little umbrella trees--maple or whatever--also blanketed the floor of the woods.

And those little white flowers--oh, my.  :)

I found these teeny purple flowers as well.

Even an old, rotting log--or piece of bark--can be beautiful when lit up by the sun as it lies on the grassy ground.

Virginia bluebells, here in the Prairie State!

I spotted some little yellow flowers (buttercups, maybe?) intermixed with the white.

Robins hopped around the leafy banks of this little brook.

Time to go, which meant climbing back up this little hill toward the car.

I passed by this bridge when I first started my little walk, but I couldn't find the right angle to shoot it.  On the way back, though, I stepped right into the spot I had been looking for.  It was a beautiful moment just before I had to head back home and to reality.

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. GREAT shots! Love that one with the white flowers as bokeh!

  2. Those are some great photos for such a quick trip. I'll have to try that myself sometime. :)