Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Miss C | Chicago Newborn Photographer

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to do this in-home newborn session!  Little Miss M was late in arriving, and I almost felt like her mom, waiting, waiting, waiting.  (Trust me, her mom felt every minute of that wait much more than I did!)  She finally made her appearance, and four days later I visited her for her very first portrait session.  :)

I love this vintage look for Miss C, especially with the crate in the picture.

Isn't she precious?

She slept so sweetly throughout our time together.

Baby's feet are incredibly wrinkly and red.  I love putting these shots in black and white.  After a lot of maneuvering on my part, I captured a sweet shot below.

 Mama and baby

After getting Miss C arranged in this really cute basket, her arm flopped over the side.  Her mama wanted to move it, but I wanted to try just a few shots.  She looks plumb tuckered out, and adorable.

We helped her get situated more comfortably, and I caught some super-sweet shots, even without headbands, flowers, or other props.

The below is possibly my favorite shot from Miss C's portrait session.  Although I have the shot in color and vintage, I especially love the black and white, and how the light falls across her face.  Dear me, I've fallen in love!

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