Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lake Renwick

For a spring outing I drove over to Lake Renwick Preserve.  After doing a senior photo shoot here last summer, I filed this location away for future reference--both business and pleasure.  There are a lot of walking/biking paths I have yet to explore, and a bird rookery that is open only during certain seasons.  I definitely want to explore that!

For this spring outing, I wanted to capture some "S" curves (for the photog class I was taking), and the man-made paved sidewalks were certainly accommodating.

I also found some "S" curves waddling along those sidewalk areas.

And "S" curves wading into Budde Lake.

Even the robin made a great "S" curve!

Here's a very clear "S" in the man-made wharf area.

On this super-windy day, the birds were out floating, flying, and resting.  I caught this Canada goose snoozing on a little rock at a little island.

I was getting blown around trying to take pictures, it was so windy!

You can see the grasses blowing in the gusts.

I had a fantastic time outdoors, wandering around with Ellie and discovering "S" curves.  I love it when an assignment becomes more than an assignment, and it becomes a pleasure to capture those special images.  :)

Treasuring life's moments,

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