Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Week With the S Family

One of my Project 2012 weekly blog posts featured my time throughout the week with the S family, while dad and mom were at the hospital having a baby, and again so dad could go back to the hospital a few days later to bring mom and baby home.  I photographed most of my time with these four wonderful children.  What an amazing, wacky, fun time we had together!  And our time together ended on such a sweet note, when baby sister came home.  So, in pictures, here is my week.

Headed to the park


Playing on the rocks

Trampoline time

The farming game (I was losing miserably!)

Master R made pancakes for breakfast!

Pizza slicer as pancake cutter--innovative!

Daddy's home, and showing off pictures of their new baby

Daddy/daughter time on the porch

Waiting for Mommy

Gifts from the family for Mommy and baby

More gifts arrive!

Mommy and baby are home!!

Three sisters

Welcoming Little Miss C

The below is a beautiful shot of mom.  I can't believe she just had a baby; she's still glowing!  I know the picture is blurry, but this is the only shot I have of her.  I didn't even take it, since I was too busy holding/adoring Little Miss C.  Throughout the week, I had let all the kids (except little E) use my camera.  I kept the settings on manual mode, too, and they took some great shots.  Miss K (big sister in the above image) is, in my opinion, a budding photographer, and used my camera the most.  Although her mom was slightly alarmed at her just picking up my camera and shooting, Miss K took the below shot.  So don't think about the blurriness of a shot captured by a six-year-old!  Yes, six.  Not bad, huh?

Up next--photo session with Little Miss C.  I can't wait to share the images; they turned out simply beautiful!  :D

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. I guess I always thought that we were the only ones who used a pizza cutter for our pancakes.

    1. Now you know! (And now I can say I know *two* strange families!) ;)

      Mrs. S

  2. I use the pizza cutter trick too - so easy!!!

    Love that sister shot!

  3. I love those photos of the older girls holding the baby. So sweet!