Friday, May 25, 2012

Beauty in the Backyard

Here I go again, encouraging you to trudge outside, close to home, to see what you can find.  Here are some sights from my own back yard.  Even when I don't have a car, I can find something beautiful if I look.  :)

Some day soon, I'll have strawberries from these little plants.  I can't wait!

My chives are thriving.  I let them go to bloom, since I love the vivid purple flowers.  They're great to capture with Ellie.

My green onions--which came back from last year--were getting ready to bud and bloom.  I dug them all up, since they were almost as fat at leeks.  They taste amazing.  :)

Another section of chives was just beginning to bud.  I love the rich colors of spring.

I also love native woodland flowers that grow anywhere, all by themselves, without any help from me.  This columbine sure fits the bill nicely.

My older brother Matt has kept his old trailer in our back yard for several years now.  I think I've taken a picture of this tire each year, too!  It does make a great shot.

And that's what I found in my back yard.  :)

Treasuring life's moments,

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1 comment:

  1. Those are some great shots. If our wind would stop and the rain would stop, I might be able to get out more and get some shots. :) I know eventually I will be able to get out more. I'm sure spring will come back at some point. :)