Monday, March 26, 2012

P2012 Week 12 -- March 18-24

Project 2012 -- Week 12
March 18 - March 24

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My Week 12 Photos

I took a mountain of photos last week.  I have a wide variety of images to share--it was hard to choose just seven!

My week started at Lake Renwick and Turtle Lake and taking pictures for my current photography class.  I took the opportunity of being outdoors with my camera and stayed for a peaceful sunset.

[78] Sunset on Budde Lake

Tuesday was primary elections in Illinois, and my young men and I walked down to the polling place.  I got "talked to" when I snapped a picture of Danny (his first time voting!).  Illinois does not have statues regarding photography in the polling place, but the judges apparently decided that I was not allowed to do so.  The crazy thing is that I announced to them that I was going to take a picture, and that I was going to stand away from the voting booths to be out of the way.  No one else but us was there, either.  I have one more up-and-coming voter, so we'll see if the statutes will be changed in the next few years.  (At least I got the shot!)

[79] Time to vote

We saw some turtles and geese at a pond on the way home from voting.

[80] Geese reflections

My brother called me one evening and asked if I wanted to go shooting with him in Plainfield.  (He's taking the same photography class as I am.)  Of course I would!  Below is a frame within a frame shot that I didn't use for the class.  I love the late evening sunlight.

[81] Downtown Plainfield

My young men went to work this week, shoveling extra dirt from their grandparents' home to put in our vegetable garden.

[82] Moving dirt

I received an invitation to join Pinterest, and I've been pinning lots of things, including recipes.  I made my own version of one of the recipes, seen below with homemade tomato soup my friend gave us.  This sandwich was out-of-this-world delicious!

[83] Bacon guacamole grilled cheese

My dearest knight in shining armor spent the better part of Saturday working on our pickup truck.  A couple of bolts were completely rusted tight, so he has to get someone else to do the remainder of the work.  I'm so proud of him trying to save money!

[84] Mechanic for a day

Since the weeks of Project 2012 start on Sunday, I already have lots of photos taken for this upcoming week!  (Being in photography class helps get me out snapping, too.)  I'm hoping the warm weather will hold for a little while--I've been enjoying getting out this early in the year for picture-taking opportunities!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Nice shots this week... and where's the link to the recipe girl??? That looks good!

  2. I really like the sunset photo, so pretty.

    We are hoping to go visit my parents this weekend, and if we do I hope to get lots of fun photos there. :)