Saturday, April 20, 2013

Girls and Horses

After scouting out an awesome portrait session location, we meandered home.  (Can one meander in a car??)  Okay, so we drove casually.

The road we took is a great back road home, without traffic lights and suburban noise.  In fact, it takes us through and around the forest preserve, then some subdivisions, and finally, suburbia and home.  Between all that lies a farm.  A horse farm.  And the horses were out as we drove by.

Fernando pulled onto a side road, turned around, drove back a hundred yards, and pulled off to the side.  I had taken shoes/socks off by then, so I grabbed my camera and we scampered across the road toward the fence line.  Well, I scampered, anyway.

The horses spent their time grazing.  I'd take that, though.  You don't see too many horses around here.  And I'm a girl.  You know--the line from the movie George of the Jungle:  "What is it with girls and horses?"

This lady (at least I think she was a lady) stopped grazing for a head pose.

A few others came to join the grazers, and Fernando was happy to let me shoot away.  I love my husband.

I shot several times, and got a great one when these two came side by side.

This one munched its way to the fence corner, then munched its way toward me.  It came only so far, though, then wandered back to the others.  Good thing I have a telephoto.

I finally got a really cool shot--three in a row!

One really awesome session location, and one really awesome horse farm.  All in one afternoon.  With my husband.  *happy girl*

Treasuring life's moments,

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Session Site -- Greene Valley North, Woodridge, IL

I had a group session (more on that soon!) at a playground, and I was concerned that I would be able to take only head-and-shoulders shots.  The playground was surrounded by tennis courts, a parking lot, fences, streets, and houses.  Plus a few other urban sights.  Getting in tight was okay, but I wanted to be able to take shots without having to worry about the angle, or the background.

I visited Google maps to see what was close by, a mile or so around, and found Greene Valley Forest Preserve.  At the north entrance, there was a parking lot, some walking trails, and a dog run area.  I figured I'd better scope it out beforehand and decide the best locations for taking pictures.

And, this past Sunday, with brightened skies and warming spring air, afforded the opportunity for Fernando and me to check out the park, specifically the North Gate.  Here's what greeted our eyes at the very first parking area:

Oh, this was going to be great!  What a beautiful location.  I love that tree, especially pre-leaf.  Its lines were beautiful.

My honey makes a good portrait subject, even if he doesn't look like a high school senior any more.  ;)

Yeah, here's that tree again.

If it's sunny on the photo shoot (postscript--it wasn't), we could hop out of our cars and shoot right here!

Across from the parking lot was a wide open grassy area, with walking paths and a dog run area.  Ooh--an S curve!

That'd make a nice area to shoot in if we have overcast weather (postscript--it was way more than overcast).

What a pretty sky!

I started noticing the shadows in the afternoon sun.  Pretty cool, huh?

Looking west toward the walking paths.

The road led northward to more parking and more grassy areas.

The trees were shorter, and a little more dense.  It was a pretty area to wander, but I don't think I'll shoot there.  Well, except for overcast conditions.

Tree branch shadows were cast all over my "test subject!"

Almost back at our starting point, I noticed a little brook.

The brook is down in there among the prairie grasses.

Time for another head-and-shoulders of my test subject.

This tree is pretty even backlit!

Yeah, I kept a goofy one of him.

Same tree, really cool shadow.  On the right side, the guys saw a woodpecker shape, and I saw a pregnant ballerina, lol.  What do you see?

Treasuring life's moments,

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Signs of Spring

The calendar may say that technically, legally, it's here.  And although the weather refuses to cooperate, the signs are beginning to, literally, pop up.  Right out of the ground.

At my friend's home the other day, I spotted crocuses!

Back at my own home, and with my repaired macro lens (very, very happy girl here!!!), I wandered my yard to see what I could see.  I accidentally wore my slippers, too.


The sage is still dormant, but it made for pretty pictures.

The coral bells are still curly and brown, but there are a few hints of colorful leaves.

Coral bells heuchera "Marmalade"

I wondered if I would find anything in my veggie garden.  Sure enough, steady as she goes, garlic was sprouting up everywhere, right where we planted it last autumn.

I had to really look for the rhubarb plants; I hope this continues to grow!

Finally, after removing the protective straw, I found--strawberry leaves!

Just seeing the pretty green leaves makes my mouth water.  :)

Treasuring life's moments,

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Photo Session | Website Images

Spring is here, but you'd never guess.  One smidgen of warm-up, then the cold returned.  Brr.

But one sort-of milder day, the sun shone, and the puffy clouds drifted by, and a client came by for a session.  She needed a professional image to put on the website of an organization she's working with, and I was happy, of course, to oblige.

Since she came by during bright sun hours, we found a shady spot so the light would be more even on her face.  The images ended up being back-lit, of course, but they were also bright enough to capture her beautiful face, which deserves to be on a web page!

I took this first shot to make sure the lighting was even, and to double-check my camera settings.  Not bad!

I snapped a few more, then ended up with this one, my favorite.  Isn't she pretty?  :)

I love beautiful images, and beautiful clients.  And--all my clients are beautiful!

Treasuring life's moments,

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