Monday, March 12, 2012

P-2012 Week 10 -- March 4-10

Project 2012 -- Week 10
March 4 - March 10

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My Week 10 Photos

I had the opportunity for two outings this past week! The week started out with a warm-up, then ended on a cold note with yet another warm-up.  I had an hour to myself the first time, and a date with Fernando on the second.

For my first outing, I drove over to Whalon Lake to sit at the pier and enjoy the (super windy) lake.  There wasn't too much to take pictures of, but I got a few nice ones, such as the below.

 [64] Pier at Whalon Lake

Once it turned colder, I was indoors and happy to spend an afternoon baking bread for my family.

[65] Bread loaves

My photography class was the impetus for my second outing, a mini-date with my dearest.  We ran a few errands together, then stopped randomly at a little area with a walking path, pond, brook, and bridge to try to snap some S-shot images.  (I have to turn in three images by Wednesday evening.)

[66] Trees and brook

I tried to find some S shapes looking up into the trees.  No luck, but the view was really neat anyway.

[67] Treetop

Then we drove down to Lake Renwick Preserve, where we strolled along Turtle Lake and Budde Lake to look for more S-curves.  Below is a nice S-curve waddling into Budde Lake.  ;)

[68] Testing the water

I spotted this sleeping goose on an island in Turtle Lake.  I love the silhouette.

[69] Goose on Turtle Lake

I was blown about again in the wind that c-c-cold midday!  I had my 70-300mm lens attached, so I zoomed in a little to catch the rushes along the shore as they swayed with the wind.

[70] Wind in the rushes

Even though it was cold, I had a lovely time with my honey, just walking around and spending special time together.

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. I love the one titled treetop!

  2. The pictures are so pretty, and how nice that you got to have a date with your hubby. I love going on photo shoots with my hubby, so much fun. :)