Monday, March 19, 2012

P2012 -- Week 11 -- 3/11-17

Project 2012 -- Week 11
March 11 - March 17

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My Week 11 Photos

I took some photos for a photography class I'm enrolled in, but didn't use them for the class.  The below image was supposed to be an example of an "S" curve.  I didn't like it for fulfilling the assignment, but I like the shapes and colors.

[71] Fallen leaf

Another "S" curve I didn't use.

 [72] "S" curve

I made the below salad for supper with family.  Yum--and it's so good for me!

[73] Raw kale and avocado salad

After Thomas showed off his jumping skills, Danny wanted in on the action.  Another warm winter day (!!) provided the opportunity for both Danny and Thomas to show off.  Below, Danny did a half-turn in mid-air and landed backwards.  Notice how they're using Dad's plastic sawhorses instead of the glass picnic table!!

[74] Fancy jump

[75] Scrunch up!

Warm winter day = break out the grill!!  (Ribs, chicken, and bratwurst.)

[76] March grilling

Storm clouds rolled in around sunset time, creating a beautiful sky.

[77] Evening storm clouds

I hope you had a great week of shooting!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. What great photos. I can't imagine you needing a photography class, you take such great photos.

    We need to get a new grill this year, but I am more than ready to start grilling. Our weather isn't cooperating yet, but that rarely stops us. :)

  2. Love the second s curve and the grill food looks so good!!