Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Flowers on the Hill | Wisconsin Website Photographer

I spent an amazing day at the Farm on the Hill, and got to witness two incredible sunrises.  Skip the fact that I promptly went back to sleep after I saw each one.  ;)

Today, I'm featuring the images I took with my macro lens.  Remember; they're not weeds.  They're wildflowers.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Farm on The Hill | Wisconsin Website Photographer

I know you just read my post about our time down on a farm.  Well, down in that case meant south.  And now I'm talking about another farm, and up on the farm--north, that is.

It was my great privilege to visit the Farm on the Hill up in Wisconsin, in the Driftless Region (what a lonely sounding name!), to help with this amazing farm start-up!  Besides watching guys work and pitching in where I could, I also had the honor of doing on-site photography for this soon-to-be pasture-raised lamb, chicken, and egg business.

Although the farm is in its infancy, its owner, Bryan Havens, is working hard to get everything ready--both house and lands--for the animals that will soon inhabit the spaces, pastures, brooders and stalls.  I have already been invited to return once those farm denizens arrive, and I can't wait for the opportunity to provide Bryan with some all-natural, pasture-raised images of his up-and-running farm in business!  ;)

Story behind the sunrise above:  Since the farm is a four-hour drive away, my family and I drove up on a Friday night and spent the night right on the farm.  I gratefully slept in a cot in the kitchen/dining area, and I slept really well, too, through the night.  Somewhere near morning, 5-something and I never looked at a clock, I was lying there peacefully, noticing it was getting a bit lighter in the room.  I finally rolled over in my cot and opened my eyes--and found myself looking out of a huge picture window and onto a gloriously brilliant sunrise.

I hemmed and hawed for several seconds, figured I wouldn't get another chance, and grabbed my camera.  All the settings were wrong, I didn't have enough light to fix everything, plus everyone was sleeping, but I found the most unobstructed view I could and shot.  *click-click-click*  *click-click-click*  (Danny told me later that he heard me shooting away!)  I ended up with the above shot, through the window and over the deck railing.

Then I went back to bed.  :D

Enjoy the rest of these images of the property in all its farm-y wonder and beauty.

The neighbor down the hill.

The walkway to the farmhouse.

Love the color and texture of this silo.

Tool shed.

Stalls in the lower barn.

I can't tell you how much I loved the lower barn!  It didn't seem dirty or anything, although it needs a good cleaning out.  I loved the stalls, and especially the stone--just look at that texture!

I noticed the barn swallows making an entrance at the back, so I stood there for a while trying to get a good shot.  I must've taken 10-15 shots, and this was one of them and my favorite.

Windmill by the farmhouse.

View from the back deck.

The next-door-neighbors have horses.  :)

Garfield, one of the barn cats, walking along the second-story railing.  *yikes*

The sun setting behind the barn.

What a beautiful end to our first day on the farm!  I'll share more tomorrow--I had some flower fun with my macro lens!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Down On The Farm

Our family got to visit a farm in early July!  This may not be exciting for you, but for us suburbanites, it's a real treat.  Trust me.  I definitely can handle wide, open spaces, pastures, farm animals, and just plain slower-paced living.  We went to this farm for a special picnic, but since we were there all day I had plenty of opportunities to find time to wander and shoot.

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