Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tea Party Treats by Chef Gregory

I first met Chef Gregory at the first SECHDF Mother/Daughter Encouragement event a few years ago, shortly before I started my photography business.  I had the delicious opportunity to photograph the incredible food he selected and prepared for the ladies at the conference.  Though the photos I gave him at that time were unedited, he used them on his website and on his Facebook page.  I was honored!  But, I also felt a little sheepish that those images did not give his yummy creations the wow factor they deserved.

So, I was thrilled when I heard that he was returning to this year's event.  Chef Gregory and his team worked diligently to provide the ladies with dinner on Friday, lunch on Saturday, and incredibly amazing tea party treats on Saturday afternoon.  Because the tea party was so special, I'm featuring the food Chef Gregory put together for this event-within-an-event.

Without further ado, let me introduce to you Chef Gregory of Perception of Elegance.

What's that he's holding in his hand, you ask?  What was he doing?  Look below.

That's just the first step!  Keep looking...

Whew.  I just gained a pound.  The strawberries were placed on pretty glass plates... top off the amazing display that looked like this:

I never did get one of those strawberries.  As an event photographer, I do not partake of the food; after all, I'm there to photograph it.  :)  And although my sister Dee (whose family hosted the event) informed me that of course I would eat every meal served (I did!), the strawberries disappeared shortly after the tea party began and I was resigned to imagine just how incredible those strawberries tasted.

Chef Gregory provided many other treats, so keep scrolling down.  As a warning to you, dear reader, there will be images of strawberries throughout.  I'm so glad I kept coming back to them, photo after photo, to compile a digital smorgasbord of red, juicy images.  :)


As I look over the images in this post, I'm focusing on the fact that fruit is healthy for me.  Yummy fruit with antioxidants and vitamins.  The fruit was a natural, sweet complement to the other yummy treats.  Oh, but those strawberries!  But wait--strawberries are fruit, even if they have chocolate on them.  Yay!  Just one more picture of them, then.

Dee-lish!  I'm full now.  *satisfied sigh*

More food images to come soon, for there were other treats to be had at the tea party!

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