Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 In Review -- No People in These Shots!

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I have loved my venture into the blogging world this year!  I used to keep a journal, in which I wrote almost every day.  With the arrival of my babies, I gradually got away from keeping those journals.  I'm so glad I have had the opportunity to return to my journal-writing roots!  And it's even easier on the computer.  Typing 95+ words per minute helps a lot, too.  :)

One thing that I'm so thankful to the Lord for is photojournalism.  With my digital camera, telling stories with photos has become a snap, and I think it makes the story so much more interesting.  I am, after all, a visual person, so photographs bring stories to life for me.  Enjoy just a few of these photographs, taken mostly for illustrations in my blogs throughout the year.

One of my first food shots, and an all-time favorite

Blueberry breakfast bake

Harvest from my garden

Thanksgiving pie--more whipped cream than pie?!

Okay, I personally just gained five pounds.  How about some non-food images?

OK, so there are people in this one--the guys carrying the tree to the car

A Happy New Year to you!!

Living life.
Capturing life.

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~My website~  Christine Anne Photography  ~My website~