Monday, March 5, 2012

Project 2012 -- WEEK 9 -- 2/26-3/3

Project 2012 -- Week 9
February 26 - March 3

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My Week 9 Photos

I've decided that instead of a separate link for the linky page and for my own photos, I would combine the two posts into just one.  The links will always be at the top, so you can readily see them and visit others' blogs.  Okay, here we go...

A friend posted a picture on Facebook from the evening before, and that inspired me to go out and capture a similar scene.  Jupiter and Saturn were both visible to the naked eye!  I experimented with shutter speed, since a longer one creates blur (since the earth rotates), and a shorter one won't capture the light from the planets.  I chose the below with a 53-second shutter speed.

[57] Moon, Jupiter, Venus

I noticed that the above and below images have my new copyright watermark on them.  They should've been changed to my normal proofing watermark, but oh well.  After a cold evening shooting the planets, it was back indoors to shoot some food.  :)

[58] National Pancake Day

[59] Cinnamon rolls

For Leap Day, I wanted to capture some jumping.  Thomas was extremely happy to oblige.  We started in the kitchen with him jumping straight up.  Nothing spectacular, but except for his shirt, it looks like he's floating!

[60] Floating in the kitchen

Then we ran to the cloudy and drab outdoors to capture some more spectacular shots.  Click here to see the whole jump sequence.  Yes, that is our patio table.  Yes, it is glass.  (Fernando told me we were crazy to try that; I hadn't even thought about it at the time!)

[61] Happy Leap Day!

We had thunder, lightning, and hail on Friday!  It was the first storm of the year.

[62] March hail

I love the below close-up of the hail, which was pea-sized.  There's nothing exciting about the shot, but I managed to capture a splash to the left of center.  I thought that was pretty cool.

[63] Hail on the stoop

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  1. What a storm! Love the splash... love surprises like that when I take a picture!

    Pass the cinnamon rolls please!

  2. Wow those are some good shots. I like the one where he is leaping inside, what a great shot you got of him.

  3. Those are amazing! I love the one of your boy in the kitchen! Cool!