(In my best teacher voice:)  Okay class, everyone ready?

It has been said that you learn best what you teach.  Since I'm constantly learning digital photography, and I love blogging (especially about photography!), I decided to combine the two and call it Photo Class.  It's helpful to me to get the knowledge out of my head and written down; that somehow helps me learn it better.  You, dear fellow photographer, are the beneficiary of my doing this.  :)

As I post things I've learned, I will add them to the index below for your reference (and for mine).  Feel free to click away and see what I've learned.  And by all means, if I got something wrong, or if you can add to the teaching and/or learning, please feel free to leave comments on my posts!

Class Intro

Changing Your Depth -- Exploring depth of field.
Depth of Field -- What is it?  How does it change your image?

Posed or Candid Shot? -- Should you pose people for a photograph?  Or try something different?

The Subject -- What are you photographing?  Does it make a difference?

Silhouette Images -- Easy and fun!  How to shoot silhouette images.