Monday, October 29, 2012

Project 2012 -- Week 43

Project 2012 -- Week 43
October 21 - 27

Welcome to my Project 2012 weekly post!  This is my time to look back over the past week, 
choose seven favorite images I've taken, and share them here with you.  
If you have a project you're working on, please leave a comment 
so I can visit your blog and see what you're up to!

This was a slow week for my camera and me, since Fernando was home sick all week with a cold/flu that really knocked the wind out of his sails.  Poor guy!

We started the week warm and windy (I love that alliteration!) and scheduled a work day in the veggie garden.  First order of the day was to transplant the oregano from the back yard veggie garden into the front flower garden to make space for more veggies.

[295] New home for the oregano

My friend Lori's son Bryan came over to help, and he spread straw over our strawberry plants.  They grew like mad this summer, and we're hoping for a nice harvest next spring.

[296] Straw for strawberries

This sunset was very pretty.  I have to get creative when taking sunset pictures from my back yard due to one of the downsides of living in suburbia--power lines and light posts.  :/

[297] Autumn sunset

After the above sunset, the weather turned rainy, then cold.  I wandered out back on one of those cold, but sunny, days, and took some pictures of weeds.  At least they were blooming!

[298] Autumn dandelions

[299] Caught in thistle

[300] Autumn leaf

I love these gallon-sized glass jars for storing.  I got one of them at a garage sale, and a friend gave me the other one.  I'd love to have several more; they're just so handy.

[301] Legumes

Hopefully this next week will be a richer week for photography!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. I like those jars too. We put our coffee beans in it. :)

  2. I have jars like that... we put candy in one!

    Love the leaf picture.