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Evening Window Shopping | Paris Travel

Looking across the Seine River to Ile de la Cité and Notre Dame.

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What do you do on a cold evening in Paris?  Well, the two of us went out and got ice cream.  Hey, we're Chicagoans, and 50-degree temperatures are nothing when it comes to ice cream.  I hope you're not tired of reading about us walking down to Ile St. Louis and Berthillon for glace!

Berthillon -- sorbets et glaces.

From Berthillon, we headed straight north, cross pont Louis Philippe, and onto rue du pont Louis Philippe in the 4th Arrondissement.  It was time for a different walk home, even with the cold.  This rather short rue was a delight, with lots of little shops and window displays all lit up for us to admire and linger over.  We loved finding a chocolatier, and oohing and aahing over the yummy delights.

Items on display in the window of a chocolatier along rue du Pont Louis Philippe.

You might want to study the above photo more closely.  Check out those dark and milk chocolate pieces with the orange flower on top.  Yep--they are shaped like cicadas.  Maybe it's a weird French thing; the chocolates we bought from another chocolatier were in the shape of fish.  I guess they like unusual designs.

More of the display at the chocolatier.

A lover of music, I lingered for a long time in front of this particular shop below.  They had instruments of all kinds--several I had never seen before--and old and new ones, too.  Neat, huh?

Looking into a music shop along the rue du Pont Louis Philippe.

I thought of my friend's daughter, Diana, when I saw this display at a papeterie (stationery shop).  Little books about birds and butterflies, letter openers, stationery, cards.  Delightful!

The window display at a papeterie.

In case you're wondering where Heaven is, we found it.  ;)

We found Heaven!  (It's a hand-made clothing store.)

I love the name of the street in the above image.  Here is what the street sign says:

allée des Justes
en hommage aux justes que sauverent
des juifs durant l'Occupation

Street of the Righteous
In homage to the righteous who saved
the Jews during the Occupation

Such a rich history, even in the names of the streets!

From rue du pont Louis Philippe, we walked til we hit rue de Rivoli, and turned right.  We stopped at an Armani store, mostly because Fernando noticed that there really is such a thing as European man bags.  (Whenever he carries my purse for me, he jokes to others that he has a European man bag.)  And, not only do they have them, they have Armani man bags.  :)  So I took a picture.

Even Armani makes European man bags. :)

In the tradition of totally confusing Paris streets, rue de Rivoli turned into rue Saint Antoine, and we soon recognized the column at place de la Bastille.  After a long exposure shot--along with a kiss--we turned and made the short walk home from there.

Night view of the column at place de la Bastille, taken from rue Saint Antoine.

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  1. I don't know that I could eat any chocolate shaped like a bug. :) Love the pictures you took.