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Jardin du Luxembourg | Paris Travel

View of le Tour Eiffel from le jardin du Trocadéro

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After our jaunt to le Marché Biologique, we continued walking around the St-Germain area, following the directions in our On-Foot Guide (Paris Walks; ISBN 0-7627-4160-0; look for an updated version).  This particular walk ("Shamelessly Chic") guided us through the 7th Arrondissement and the marché, then into the 6th Arrondissement and le jardin du Luxembourg.

This elegant garden contains fountains and statues, chestnut trees and flowers, playgrounds and chess tables.

Promenade through le Jardin du Luxembourg.

Beyond the gardens and statues lies the Palais du Luxembourg, now the seat of the French Senate.  The palais was built for Marie de Médicis (the widow of Henri IV) to remind her of her native Florence.

Le Palais du Luxembourg.

Guarded by gendarmes and surrounded by pathways and cultivated gardens, the palais is a beautiful sight.

Standing in the gardens, we caught a glimpse of another famous structure.  :)  That landmark will have to wait for another day.

A glimpse of le Tour Eiffel at le Jardin du Luxembourg.

Walking the promenades, you can spot people sunbathing, relaxing, reading a book, or chatting with family or friends.

We happened upon an artist painting the scene before her with pastels.  I was blessed to catch a photo of her, for she was soon surrounded by onlookers and admirers.

As we walked around the front of the palais, we stopped to admire some flowers along the path.

A few paces more and we stopped in front of a fountain.  I just love water, and could sit here all day listening to the gurgling as I read a book or relax in the warmth.  *sigh*

Even though the September day we walked le jardin was rather hot, we enjoyed our stroll.  As we exited the gardens, we were delighted to hear, then see, a street musician playing his music box of old.  What a great way to end our tour of the gardens.  :)

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  1. I'm loving sharing your time in Paris with you. You've taken such beautiful photos and explain it all so well. I love the water shot the best. I'm like you, I like water shots. :)