Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Portrait of a Young Man

There are actually two young men's portraits to share with you.  First, the 17-year-old young man, on the cusp of beginning his future with a year left in high school and so many possibilities for the future.

And second, the portrait of a fine young man, striding out into his future, starting his career in law enforcement with a summer internship.

Both young men are on their way, strong in integrity and sure in their faith.

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Good portraits! I like that bridge as a location for portrait photography, but I'm wondering how you got so high to take the picture from that angle, since I know he's taller than you. ;-)

    The lighting in the second portrait is superb!!

    1. Thank you, Craver. That bridge was a great find at that park. To get the height, I brought along our ladder--which I usually bring to my portrait sessions. It provides a great angle, especially since I'm so short. :)

      And a huge thank you for that second compliment! I'm pretty proud of the lighting I got in that second shot. :)