Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Front Yard Garden

Since I have almost no flowers in my back yard, I like to wander around the front yard every now and then throughout the summer with my macro lens to see what I can capture.  I recently found out that my neighbors watch me do this, since I've just met a few new ones up and down my street and they've asked me what I was doing out there with my camera.  ("Kooky lady with a camera...!")

I haven't been able to get a decent "farther away" shot of my heliopsis, so the below will have to do.

It's so nice and convenient when insects fly into the frame and land on my subject.  :)

I have two varieties of Asiatic lily, one more orange and one more red.

Oh--here's a day lily I'm throwing in from the back yard.

I hadn't taken any images of my woodland hydrangea yet this year, so I thought this'd be a good time to do that.  This variety of hydrangea doesn't pop a full head of blooms like most hydrangeas I've seen--you know, those big balloon-shaped heads of flowers.  I talked to the owner of a nursery at a farmers market last year, and she told me that my hydrangea is the so-and-so type--and for the life of me I can't remember what she said!  Nor can I find it by googling it.  Anyway, here's my hydrangea.

Another flower I enjoy in my front yard is threadleaf coreopsis.  I bought two little plants several years ago, and they're now two huge bushes!  They're filled with little yellow blossoms, and their leaves are shaped like needles; hence, their name.

A farmers market purchase yielded me this coneflower variety, called Powwow Wild Berry.  I love its deep, purply-pink color.  The flowers are absolutely gorgeous, and I think this is my favorite front yard garden flower.

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