Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, America!

We have awesome friends who go out at something like 5:30am the day before the fireworks show to lay out tarps for 40-50 of us to sit together and watch the fireworks, right in the front row.  With my camera and tripod, it's an awesome opportunity to hone my nighttime action photography.

I experimented with a couple of long exposures, just to mess around and get my camera ready for shooting fireworks.

I should have moved down closer to the corner and set up there for the actual fireworks.  The reason?  That truck in the above shot, which was parked there to provide after-show lighting.  You'll see that truck further on in this post.

School buses, shuttles for the Naperville Ribfest, constantly drove by until just before the fireworks show began.  I took the opportunity to "capture" one of them driving through my frame.

Then, it was time, and the fireworks began.  Naperville does a great job with its fireworks, and this year was no exception.  Most of my shutter speeds were four seconds, with low ISO (probably had it at 100), so sit back, scroll through, and enjoy.

The below one was crazy cool, with blue lines flying all over the place.  The captured image looks vastly different than what my eye saw.  And yes--I was actually watching the show!  I have a shutter release and pretty much never looked through the viewfinder.

There was a breeze which caused the drifting effect in the below image.

This green one was a really cool capture.

And this one was one of my particular favorites.

These ones below were low to the ground, and all sparkly and glow-y with lots of light flashes and booms.  I think I captured these well.  :)

The finale shots are below, and you'll get to see that lighting truck I mentioned at the beginning.  It wrecked these shots.  Grr.  I can always edit it out, though I saved only three images.

Yes, the last shot is really overdone and overexposed.  Four seconds was too long a shutter speed!  But I kept it because it was pretty much that bright, not to mention loud as all get-out.   We had a fantastic time together tonight!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Those are some great photos. Glad you had a great time.