Monday, June 4, 2012

Project 2012 Week 22 -- 5/27-6/2

Project 2012 -- Week 22
May 27 - June 2

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My Week 21 Photos

Ellie had a little break this past week, until Saturday when I did a photo session at a playground (images to appear later).  I think it's ironic that I complained throughout the winter that there wasn't much of anything to shoot, and now that it's practically summer, I keep shooting flowers.  And more flowers.  Last week was no exception.

Whether the flower has turned to fruit, or is a weed, they're still amazing subjects to shoot, and one of my favorite things to capture in my non-professional photo jaunts.  :)

[148] First strawberry

[149] Clover

[150] Astilbe "peach"

[151] Woodland hydrangea

One morning Thomas (16) decided we should make Belgian waffles.  It didn't matter that breakfast ended up being at 10:30am, since Thomas made it, and he served me on my special china, and he served me first.  He's a sweetheart.

[152] Belgian waffles

I took a picture of my absolutely gorgeous lettuce while my young men unloaded some firewood my parents gave us.  So you know I'm not boasting, I've never been able to grow lettuce more than 4" high.  These babies--there are four heads left--have grown to about 18" high!  (They're black-seeded Simpson, in case you're curious.)

[153] Supersize lettuce

Here's the wood pile we ended up with.  Thanks, Dad and Mom!

[154] New wood pile

 This upcoming week brings our state homeschool convention, and this photographer lady will be very busy with a different aspect of her life as she works like crazy for 3+ days.  I'll try to use Ellie before I leave so I have at least something to show you next week.  ;)

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Love all the shots of the flowers - and breakfast made by a kid for me... I dream of those days!

  2. Great pictures. How nice that you had breakfast made for you. And wow, that is a lot of firewood. :)