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Project 2012 Week 23 -- June 3-9

Project 2012 -- Week 23
June 3 - June 9

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My Week 23 Photos

As I stated last week, I wanted to make sure I used Ellie a few times before our state homeschool conference began on Wednesday evening; otherwise, I would have no pictures to show you!  And it turned out to be true--I took just one photo of my speaker at the ICHE state homeschool conference.  (I can't believe it's over; it seemed to loom ahead of me, and now poof!  It's over.)

After watering my front yard gardens, I brought Ellie out for a few pictures.  Of course, it's so fun to experiment with depth of field with lilies.   They have such depth!  :)

[155] Asiatic lily (f13)

 [156] Asiatic lily (f4.5)

Here's a somewhat side view of the flower, at f13.  Even though the stamen/anthers/pistil aren't in focus, I think it's my favorite shot.  I love the water droplets.

[157] Asiatic lily

I was happily surprised to see my first purple coneflower flower begin to emerge!  This variety is called powwow wild berry, and it is such a deep, rich purple color.  It's my favorite (but I say that for almost all the flowers in my garden, for one reason or another!)

 [158] Emerging purple coneflower

 [159] The blooming begins

Indoors, Fernando and the guys finished painting our main bathroom.  Then, he hung some towel hooks that I bought--well, let's not share when I bought them.  But they're hung now, and the guys have places for their towels.  We just have the border to hang in this room, and maybe I'll replace the shower curtain (it has yellowed over the years), and then this room will be pretty much complete.

 [160] Hooks in the bathroom

Below is the one picture I took at the ICHE state homeschool convention.  I brought Melinda Boring, from Heads Up Now!, in to speak for most of the workshop slots.  My friend and ICHE assistant Adrianne spoke for one workshop, and Fernando and I spoke for another workshop.  Melinda was a great speaker, really engaging her audience and imparting solid, practical advice and ideas.  Plus, with a name like Boring, she had to be fun!  And we had a lot of fun together over the week/weekend.

[161] ICHE state homeschool conference

I'm thoroughly exhausted from working since Wednesday afternoon, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  It's such a wonderful feeling to feel goodly tired and knowing that I brought encouragement and hope to families homeschooling (or thinking about homeschooling) their special needs children.  If you're interested, check out the blog I created for homeschooling and special needs!

And now, I rest.  :)

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Such pretty flowers. Glad you had a good time at the convention.