Friday, June 15, 2012

Flower Power!!

In between being a wife and mom, and overseeing the household maintenance, I take photos.  And in between portrait sessions and other business work (it's not all work!), I shoot a lot.  It's almost summer, after all!  And who can ignore all that color around the yard, in neighbor's gardens, walking down the street?  Not I.  And so I share with you today all the glorious things I've recently seen.  (It's either this or you get a gazillion posts about flowers in your blog reader!)

So really--grab a cup of coffee or tea, and scroll slowly through as you enjoy your morning cuppa!

Threadleaf coreopsis

Variegated beard tongue

Since the bees love my variegated beard tongue, I couldn't resist plopping myself down in front of them, listening to the hum and buzz all around me, and trying to capture these little guys feasting on nature's yumminess.

I discovered that bees really do take off backwards!

Takeoff #1

Takeoff #2


Blue oat grass--this little guy is recovering from a near-death experience.

Yep--I have weeds, too!

Happy daisies

Another weed--at least it's pretty!

Yucca flower stalk--I'd rather get rid of these plants, though the blooms are pretty.

Yucca blooms--they are pretty, indeed.

Garlic scapes -- hey, it's the flower of the garlic!  It still counts!!


Woodland hydrangea

Cherry tomato blossoms

Sweet pepper blossom

Astilbe "Peach Blossom"

Dreamy colors

Heliopsis (false sunflower) -- pretty daisy-like blooms, about 1.5" wide

Astilbe "Peach Blossom"  (yeah, it's pink)

Woodland hydrangea

Asiatic lily -- dramatic blooms

Purple coneflower "Powwow Wild Berry" -- just starting to bloom!

 Astilbe "Bridal Veil"

Hosta blooms

Monster dandelion about 3" in diameter

I absolutely love-love-love this coneflower variety!

Astilbe "Bridal Veil"

I spied a fly on my astilbe.  (Too bad that doesn't all rhyme!)

Whew!  I'm flowered out.  Except you'll probably see another flower post real soon!

Treasuring life's moments,

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