Monday, June 25, 2012

Project 2012 -- June 17-23

Project 2012 -- Week 25
June 17 - June 23

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My Week 25 Photos

I was back out taking tons of pictures of flowers again this past week.  But I also used Ellie for a lot of other shots throughout the week.  We'll start with a flower shot, and a bee to boot!

[169] Bumblebee on Russian sage

And a shot showing the progress of our vegetable garden:

[170] Mid-June garden

Wednesday was spent cleaning--and I mean cleaning--our garage while Fernando was out of town.  We found the below living in an old VCR on my husband's workspace counter.  This creature is no longer with us.  :)

 [171] Mouse house

Back to the flowers, and an amazingly brilliant coneflower.  I keep having to say that I didn't color-enhance this image, because purple coneflowers are usually a pastel lavender color.  This particular cultivar, however, is called Powwow Wild Berry, and its color reflects its name perfectly.

[172] Coneflower

I decided to fool around with a broken mirror and a self-portrait.  Double the smiles!

[173] Broken mirror

Half the guys, and two friends, packed up to go on an overnight campout and canoe trip.

[174] Canoe and campout

I recently discovered the PRINT module in Lightroom3, and have been fiddling around with making collages.  Below is a collage of Thomas' awesome block in Friday night's weekly Frisbee game.

[175] Awesome block

Although I have loved posting Project 2012 images, I will be discontinuing the Linky for sharing blogs--today's Linky will be the last one to link up with.  I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing blog posts with JoAnn (click here to see her Project 2012 blog posts), and I'll continue to visit her and your blogs to see what you're up to.  As for me, I will continue creating weekly blog posts showcasing my favorite images from the week.  I hope you'll keep shooting away, having fun with your camera, and capturing awesome images from your lives.  This is not good-bye!!  :)

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  1. Love that coneflower and sweet capture at frisbee!! The mouse picture makes him look so cute and innocent...

  2. Such pretty flowers. I still haven't figured out how to put together easy collages with Elements 9, but I haven't really tired to figure it out either. :)

    Sorry you are stopping the linky, but it's been fun while we did it together. I'll continue to enjoy all your photos too. :)