Monday, May 21, 2012

Project 2012 -- Week 20 -- May 13-19

Project 2012 -- Week 20
May 13 - May 19

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My Week 20 Photos

Last week consisted of flowers and fried chicken, friends and fun.  Here are my images with their stories:

The guys worked all afternoon digging, shoveling, loading, dumping, planting, covering, and watering.  Here is the end result:

[134] Raised beds

Off to my front yard garden and the happy daisies blooming in the sun.

[135] Daisy love

Time for dinner!  I made this oven-fried chicken one night when I had my camera out.  :)  Recipe to come soon.

[136] Oven fried chicken

Later in the week, as Danny, Jacob, and I planted onions in my front yard flower garden (I ran out of room in my veggie garden!), I noticed the beard tongue was abuzz with honeybees.  I captured this guy on one of the blooms.

[137] Honeybee on beard tongue

I love this dreamy photo of my front yard garden.

[138] Garden love

We ended the week by attending Jacob's graduation from Joliet Junior College.  He, along with his friend Bryan, obtained their Associates degrees.  As they exited the auditorium during the processional, Bryan gave us a glimpse of what he was feeling inside.  I love the happiness on his face!  (Congratulations, Lori!)

[139] Happy graduate

They had a screen set up in the reception area for picture-taking.  We waited until many of the graduates and families left, and then the maintenance guy waited patiently for us to take a gazillion photos.  :)

[140] The graduate and his brothers

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. What great pictures. The chicken looks yummy and love the graduation photos. :)

  2. Love the bee shot and the happy graduate! Perfect capture!