Monday, May 14, 2012

Project 2012 -- Week 19 -- May 6-12

Project 2012 -- Week 19
May 6 - May 12

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My Week 19 Photos

What a hard week to choose photos from!  Seriously--I took over one thousand images.  Really.  I may be photo-ed out!  My week started by watching my friend's four children while she was at the hospital in labor.  Her husband was with her, so I got to spend the day, night, and the next morning with these four really neat kids.  :)

So Little Miss E wouldn't cry at her parents leaving her, we took off for the park as they all waved goodbye to Dad and Mom driving away down the street.  R was like a little papa with Miss E, pulling the wagon, and sliding and swinging with her.  So sweet!

[126] Swingin'

Miss K and C had a great time swinging, and I caught this moment of enjoyment between the two of them.

 [127] Swinging fun

Then it was Miss K's turn to take Miss E on the slide.  Their expressions say it all!

[128] Sliding girls

The next morning, Miss K and Miss E were giving me their trademark expressions while R made gluten-free pancakes for all of us.  (And R is only 11 years old!)

[129] Tongues!

After the baby was born (a girl!), and a few days later, I came back to be with the kids while their dad got their mom home from the hospital.  My Thomas came with me, and he and the two boys ended up in the play room engrossed in a board game.  Just before her nap, I snapped a shot of Miss E looking out the front door waiting for her mommy.

[130] Waiting for Mommy

Miss K and I had a tea party on the porch, and she let me snap a few shots of her.  Sweetie-pie!

[131] Wistful

Mommy and baby came home amid excited, jumping children!  Once everyone was settled, Miss E exclaimed, "I wanna hold dat!" (her new baby sister).  It was so cute.  Since I had my camera and documented most everything in this family's life the past few days, and since the light was perfect, and since baby--Little Miss C--was perfectly precious, I captured the below.  :)

[132] Baby sister

I spent so much time with this family last week, but I wasn't done.  I got to do a newborn session with Little Miss C.  I'll be sharing a few of my favorites from that session real soon.  I love babies!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Those are some great photos. Sounds like you really helped them out. So glad you could be there for them. Not sure if I could take lots of park photos, I like to swing too much. I'm usually on the swing with the kids. :)

  2. You got some fab photos of this family that I know they will cherish from a special time!