Sunday, July 31, 2011

Powwow Wild Berry

I guess you're wondering what in the world that blog title is talking about...

  • A new shade of lipstick
  • A flavor of candy
  • A Native American dessert
  • A raspberry variety

Nope.  Ah, you've probably already scrolled down a bit and realized that it's floral in nature.

I experienced a weak moment on one of my weekly visits to our local farmer's market.  Seriously--my heart beat just a little faster, and I got goosebumps.  In July.  Who can resist all those amazing colors and all those incredible varieties of flowers?  I certainly can't.  Who is crazy enough to plant a flower in July?  I am.  I'm so glad I have two little sun gardens in my front yard.  And I'm glad there was an empty garden spot just begging for this intensely beautiful color.  Enjoy the new addition to my front yard!

I have to say just one more thing.  Sure, I edited these images.  But I did not manipulate the color.  I couldn't.  The real color is already intense.  There's a reason this variety is named Powwow Wild Berry.  Okay--now enjoy.

And that, dear readers, is Powwow Wild Berry. May your Sunday be as intensely colorful and bright with the Lord's love!

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