Thursday, July 28, 2011

365 Project -- #197-203

This is the time in my week when I have the opportunity to look back
at the images I've captured the week before, and choose my seven favorites.
These seven--one for each day of the week--are featured below.

Last week was (hopefully) the hottest week of this year.  I type hopefully because I don't want to experience it again for quite some time.  What a week to do senior portraits!  That said, I must warn you yet again that the shots I've chosen for the week are all (but one) macro images.  If I could do a portrait session with my macro lens, I'd probably do it.  :)

[197] July 16 -- First plum tomato

[198] July 17 -- Pretty weeds

 [199] July 18 -- Pool pump working hard

 [200] July 19 -- Logan's portrait session

[201] July 20 -- Hot, hot, hot

[202] July 21 -- Morning in the garden

[203] July 22 -- Watering the veggies

I had fun taking shots of the watering hose above.  I've been shooting in Manual Mode as much as I can, and it has been a lot of fun.  As of July 22, the Chicagoland area had one of the driest July's on record.  And an hour and a half after I soaked my garden, storm clouds rolled in, and blessed us with a huge downpour.  Figures.  Then it rained (we're talking major thunderstorms) again Friday night (6-7 inches overnight, a record), Saturday morning, Saturday night, and another one Sunday morning.  Then I heard on the news Sunday night that Chicagoland now has one of the wettest July's on record.

Hmmm...  There's a possible theme for this week's images.  I'll have to think about it.  Have a great week, y'all!  I'll be visiting you throughout this week, in between enjoying this wonderful summer season.

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  1. My favourite is your guitar shot - the blurriness is just superb. I wouldn't like your heat though!

    That's the next lens on my wish list though I would like the IS one but I'm torn between the tamron one that gets good reviews aswell though doesn't have IS.

  2. Great pictures. I like the water hose one, very nice.