Wednesday, July 20, 2011

365 Project -- #190-196

This is the time in my week when I have the opportunity to look back
at the images I've captured the week before, and choose my seven favorites.
These seven--one for each day of the week--are featured below.

This is the first time I'm late in posting!!  I've taken lots of photos, but none are interesting enough to feature here.  We've been de-cluttering and deep-cleaning...our basement.  It's cool down there--aaahhh.  Plus it really needed it.  I've listed over 100 items to be sold (via online photo album--lots of fun!), and have four large boxes of stuff to document before taking them to Goodwill.  So most of my photos are of progress occurring in our basement, and to-be-sold items--boring.  I did run out a time or two to capture some images.  I'm still stuck on macro--I don't know why.  Our family doesn't travel a lot--even locally--so my images are very close to home.  Still, I hope you enjoy them, a few days late.  :)

The below was actually taken on July 11 (Monday).  An 8:00am storm blew through--literally.  That's my husband's beloved grill, and it is big.  Wind can be a dangerous thing!  Amazingly, the grill still works, though it's slightly misshapen now.

[190] July 9 -- What wind can do

[191] July 10 -- The first cherry tomato

[192] July 11 -- Unwelcome guest

[193] July 12 -- Flowering lettuce

[194] July 13 -- Cayenne

[195] July 14 -- Wispy weeds

[196] July 15 -- Ants on thistle

Yep.  Stuck on macro.  Still more to come next week.  I think there'll be some different ones--finally.  Not that summer is boring or anything...!

Capturing the moments of life.


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  1. The last one is my favorite - and so sorry about the grill... wind is amazing!

  2. Wow...that was some serious wind you had! I love the wispy weeds and the last one too!!!

  3. Wow, that was a strong wind. Glad the grill still works. Nice pictures. :)


  4. Omgosh on that crazy wind. Well you do live in the windy city...right? LOL Glad everyone was OK and that the grill still works. Love all the macro shots. Beautiful. I am still yet to figure that setting out on my DSLR. Was the first cherry tomato yummy? I want some! :)