Monday, July 11, 2011

365 Project -- #183-189

Ah, the joys of summer!  We're in the midst of it now, with hot, humid Chicagoland days, a bunch of pool-splashing fun, grilling, and warm lightning-bug evenings.  And Independence Day fireworks!  What fun.  Here are my images from last week.

Three families got together one evening to have a Folk Music Jam.  Two grandpas came with their harmonicas, and they were the absolute highlight of the evening, playing old songs, reminiscing, telling stories, and making us laugh.  What a blessing the wisdom-crowned were (and are) to us!!

[183] July 2 -- The Harmonica Guys (my dad is on the left)

Just before I took the below image, I snapped one of Betsy trying to play the harmonica "hand-less."  Then Dan turned and watched her.  I loved his expression, and titled this image accordingly.  ;)

[184] July 3 -- Um, can she play?

Ellie came with me to an Independence Day celebration, and she captured some cuties that afternoon!  This little guy was featured in another of my 365 Project posts--Daddy was tossing him high in the air.

[185] July 4 -- "Dad, you have a text message"

Fireworks.  Awesome view.  Great camera.  Tripod.  YES!  This was my first time experimenting with fireworks using Ellie's Manual Mode.  I had a ton of fun, and just loved the below photo.  I don't know if it was supposed to look like a palm tree, but I absolutely love this image!

[186] July 5 -- Palm tree fireworks

The below is a BONUS!  It's the fireworks finale, and it's so pretty--with the sliver of moon toward the bottom right--that I wanted to share it with you all.  :)

BONUS -- Fireworks finale

This little creature was hard to capture.  I had my macro lens on at the time, and could get only so close before he flitted off to another landing spot.  I had to lighten this image significantly, but it still turned out decent.

[187] July 6 -- Dragonfly on garlic

Soon-to-be yum.  No explanation needed.

[188] July 7 -- Soon to be eaten

I've been playing with Manual Mode more often, and with the below image, I forgot to change the exposure, resulting in a dark image.  I corrected it and took a more well-lit image, but I really do like the mysterious darkness in this image, and how the light catches the edges of the cabbage leaves.  (My friend Lori is gardening in my back yard, and this is her cabbage.)

[189] July 8 -- Lori's cabbage

More photos are already on tap for next week--including some wild weather we experienced just this morning!  Stay tuned--and get out there with your family and your camera and enjoy this fun season!

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  1. Omgosh your fireworks pictures are amazing. I cannot photograph them for the life of me. Great job. Love the harmonica picture of your dad too. CUTE

  2. You got some great shots - love the second fireworks one and the tomatoes!

  3. The fireworks shots are THE BEST!!! I never can take them like that...I love yours!