Monday, July 4, 2011

365 Project -- #176-182

Well, I've made it halfway through the year with our 365 Project!  I have more flowers to show you, plus a few other shots you'll wonder why they're here.  I'll explain below.

I'm still exploring my gardens, and more of the results are below.  :)

[176] June 25 -- Asiatic lily

[177] June 26 -- Bumblebee visit

[178] June 27 -- Lone tomato blossom

[179] June 28 -- Yucca flower

Explanation required:  We helped a family move, and our guys wanted a couple of their friends to ride in our Suburban to the family's new home for unpacking.  We drove with a vehicle packed with guys and furniture.  Don't worry, I'm used to being the only female.  :)

The reason I just love the photo below--besides the fact that six burly teenage+ guys are crammed back there--is that Joseph saw me stick my camera up and click.  And I caught him grinning!  (In order to appreciate that, Joseph is autistic; and a grin, with eyes that are connected to me, is RARE.)

[180] June 29 -- Pack the car

Mini devotional:  the adorable little lady below is the five-year-old in the family we helped move.  That afternoon, at her new home, she decided that she would be my companion and helper.  She even held my hand so that she would stay with me wherever I went.

At one point, she told me matter-of-factly, "Where you go I go!  What you do I do!"  Oh, for the faith of a child that would say that to the Lord!  (And there's your devotional!)

[181] June 30 -- Little companion

One more explanation:  Over several days last week, I cleaned our master bedroom closet.  After I stacked unwanted items aside, I took pictures of everything so that I could either sell things or document the items we give to Goodwill.  I ended up giving the below globe to a friend and her family.  I really like the photo below, silly as that is.  I love the lighting, and even with the box in the background, it's still neat with the hand holding the globe.  It made me think of that song...  (Please don't hum it the rest of the day, now!)

[182] July 1 -- He's Got the Whole World

~~~  Happy Independence Day!!!!  ~~~

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  1. I adore the bumble bee photo! Such a reminder of how delicate nature can be.

  2. You got some great shots - love the car one and the bumblebee!

  3. Just great pictures. Love the one of the guys. :)


  4. All great shots! I love world.

  5. The flower images are gorgeous! Love them. And the shot of the guys is great!! Having two teenage boys myself, I totally appreciate that.

  6. Now that is a packed car. That must have been a fun ride. LOL Love the flowers & what your little companion said. So sweet. Great shots.