Saturday, March 19, 2011

365 Project -- #71-77

This week has been better, photographically speaking.  :)  Though I spent a lot of time in my back yard again, I have new and exciting images to post from our Thursday jaunt!  Enjoy my images as we head toward a Midwest spring.

After forgetting about Ellie (my 40D) all day Saturday, I succumbed to the beauty of a sunset, though in suburbia this means that telephone poles and wires will be included.  However, I was pleased with the sun flare.  :)

[71] March 12 -- Suburban sunset

I'm so glad there's a door with a window in my pantry/laundry/mudroom!  There was a huge flock of grackles all over my back yard.  I grabbed my camera and found a few robins among the mix.  I was able to shoot this little guy through the door's window.

[72] March 13 -- Spring robin

Yes!!  Signs of spring!!  The scrub maple in my back yard garden is budding.  When we first moved here, we found this maple tree growing out from the manhole cover in the way-back corner of our back yard.  My dad dug it out and planted it a little further in, and it liked it better there.  Though it is just a "scrub maple," and is not very full, it is a pretty accent to my work-in-progress garden and the garden bench that forever calls my name.

[73] March 14 -- Budding maple

There are leaves everywhere, and I spied this scrub maple leaf on the dirt pile that has yet to be incorporated into my garden (I did say it was a work in progress!).

[74] March 15 -- Leaf on dirt

I had seen a post recently of day lilies pushing up, which prompted me to look at the little section of dirt near the house where my own day lilies seem to thrive.  Lo and behold--they are shooting up through the dirt!  Though, they are a LOT smaller than the ones in that photo I saw.  Spring is coming!  I had fun playing with the color on this one.

[75] March 16 -- Time for day lilies!!

Extra!  Extra!  New and exciting images!!  I'm not a city girl, but I enjoyed the newness and wonder of traveling downtown Chicago with my dearest.  Of course, Ellie came with me and captured a bunch of really neat shots.  I definitely don't see these near my back yard!  Enjoy just a couple from our jaunt; many of the rest can be found at this post on my family blog and/or this album on my Facebook page.

[76] March 17 -- The Bean at Millenium Park, Chicago

[77] March 18 -- A boy and his reflection, the Bean, Chicago

NOTE:  The above photo has been chosen as the March 2011 Image of the Month!!
Click here to see the official blog announcement!  (Can you tell I'm thrilled?)

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  1. That robin shot is perfect! I love it.

  2. Love day 71 and great shadows on day 74 with the leaf. The photo of the bean and the building in the background has to my fav photo.
    Have a good one!!!

  3. Wow - you got some great shots!

  4. The BEAN! I didn't get a picture of my girl by it when we were in was so cold back in January we just wanted to sprint from one location to the next. Brrr.
    Great pictures!