Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BW to Color -- More from the Back Yard

On one of my first professional photo shoots, I learned the wise lesson of taking at least two shots every time I pressed the shutter button.  It serves as a little backup system, but even more than that--without having to copy a photo, I could experiment with the images, turning one to black and white, and keeping one in color.

During the winter when not many photo shoots happen, I've been enjoying putting this lesson to good use.  Changing the color tones of an image really brings out different things--something otherwise hidden in the image is brought into focus; lines and shapes are emphasized; or a warm, dreamy feel is reflected.  Here are my experiments in b&w/color.

Set One -- February sky

Set Two -- Winter fence line

Set Three -- Grass on snow

Set Four -- Snow on fence

Living life; capturing life.


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