Monday, March 7, 2011

365 Project -- #57-63

I'm back.  I took a break from blogging to travel to Georgia last week to shoot the SECHDF Mother/Daughter Encouragement weekend.  What a wonderful week on many different levels:  warm weather; shooting an event--both formal portraits and candids; spending time with like-minded women; all thinks PINK and GIRLIE; great food and fellowship; and a heart-sister who loves to play Scrabble, talk Scripture, and take me on crazy golf-cart-nature-photo-shoot expeditions.

Since I have edited over 800 images over the past several days, and my mind is a jumble, here are my images from last week, possibly not in order but I can tell you for sure I used my camera every day!!  :)

[57] February 26 -- Big girl dessert

 [58] February 27 -- Mini chocolate cherry cheesecakes

[59] February 28 -- Gravestone declaration

[60] March 1 -- Cardinal in tree

[61] March 2 -- Blooming red bud

[62] March 3 -- Curled grass

For this last shot, I must explain:  We happened upon this beautiful heron as we golf-carted through the golf course area.  He was apparently very comfortable around humans, and quietly submitted to having his picture taken at close range.  Of course, the 300mm telephoto helped.  I will post the rest of my heron shots soon.

[63] March 4 -- Great heron

And now, dear photography friends, as promised, I am off to visit all of your blogs to see your images and to be inspired anew!

Living life; capturing life.


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  1. Love the pinks in photo 61. I hope you ate one of what is in photo 58!!! Those yummies look to good to pass up.
    Have a good one!!

  2. You got some awesome shots and the girl time sounds wonderful!

  3. As always just beautiful shots Christine!!!! Love them all, hard to pick one or the other.

  4. Those are beautiful Christine especially that Heron shot - I never get up as close as that with ours as they fly away as soon as they spot us out walking unless they are busy looking for frogs in the field. We don't have cardinal birds here - they look spectacular.

  5. Wow that dessert looks so amazing and that heron is awesome. Nice shots this week.

  6. Oh! my goodness I love all the shots!