Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Carnival

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Theme ~ Carnival

Chosen by Lew.

I do not have any pictures from a carnival.  I haven't been to a carnival in years and years.  :/

So, this will have to suffice.  Last week, our city's weekly farmers market became a festival!  The usual farmers market expanded to include all sorts of booths, many representing local restaurants, and it became, officially:

Taste of Bolingbrook

Yes, it wants to be Taste of Chicago--that famous food festival drawing tens of thousands.  But this isn't too shabby, drawing upwards of 30,000 people.  Or at least that's what I heard the estimates to be.  For the weekly farmers market, they normally close off two blocks in this open-air Promenade; for this special festival, they made the top and bottom of the letter "I" with the extra booths.

Here is the full image of my header, which pretty much sums it up at either end of the street:

No rides, no hoopla, just a fun time with Fernando and our youngest, Thomas.  Enjoy the pics!

Famous Daves' free food!

I spotted my neighbor at the cupcake stand!

I had to take several pic's at this booth -- Cali Girl Cupcakes.  (The brownie was incredible.)

My favorite produce booth.

More food.

Mongo and I!!  (He's from BD's Mongolian BBQ, a great restaurant.)

Although it's not a carnival, we had just as much fun!  And we went home with some fresh produce and a few treats as a splurge.

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. A food carnival works for me! The brownie and cookies really look delicious!

  2. Great show Christine , food n stalls a plenty, with lots and lots of folk --- can't se Craver there tho?? lol

  3. Christine: I certainly would call this a street carnival. You captured the food, fun, and people.

  4. Are you sure that was Mongo and not Fernando? ;-)