Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge -- Bird

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Theme ~ Bird

Chosen by Craver.

Since I kept thinking Monday was Thursday, and Tuesday was Wednesday, suffice it to say I have no idea what day it is!  Other than--it is Header Challenge Day!  And I'm late posting!!  Here are my images of birds, all of which I took on my week-long surprise trip to the Adirondacks in upstate New York.

Seagull, Winter (Military) Bay, Lake Bonaparte.

Eagles nesting on beacon, 1000 Islands, Alexandria Bay, New York.

Seagull at Boldt Castle, Heart Island, St. Lawrence River.

This is a series of cormorants I spied as I was trying to shoot some kids tubing on the lake.

Turkey vulture at Winter Bay, Lake Bonaparte.

My favorite bird on the lake, the loon, was elusive the whole time I was up there.  On the last day, we were out on the boat and I spotted him.  I didn't have time to switch lenses, so I used my 55-104mm f/4L and zoomed in as close as I could, then cropped a bit too.

Thanks, and sorry I'm late this week!  Off to visit your blogs!!

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  1. The solitary bird on the expanse of water makes a great header.

  2. My duck was taken at Deer Lake which has an address of Loon Lake. We didn't see any this time, but guess what bird is often in residence.

  3. I thought it was me who forgets what day it is, being retired now, its harder to think right,lolled you posted Christine.Grand shots and lovely scenery.