Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge -- Pup

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Theme ~ Pup

Chosen by Craver.

This was a rather difficult theme for me, since we don't own a dog.  Since I didn't have time to dig through my photo archives, I decided to post these few images of a "pup" belonging to friends of ours.

Say hello to Sweet Pea!

She was one of my first pictures taken at the M. home that June afternoon.  We had come to make over the original friendship garden we had helped build a number of years earlier.  Since I'm sharing about the garden, I may as well show you a "middle-of-the-job" picture (forgot to take a "before" one!):

We had weeded what we could, then laid down landscaping fabric.  We had to cut the fabric out around each plant that was already in the garden, then held all the fabric down with staples.  This is what we should have done when we first started the garden, but I didn't know about doing this until last year when I built mulch pathways in my own vegetable garden.

Sweet Pea wanted me to play ball with her.

Alas, I had to get to work.  We donated our leftover landscape fabric plus the landscape pins (or staples), and we were left with a very small $20 budget for mulch.  This was no problem, however, since we knew about purchasing mulch in "recovery bags" at Lowe's--this store sells any "broken" or open bags that have been placed in recovery bags, and they sell them half price.  We came in 48 cents under budget, and were able to mulch the entire garden.  You can see below that we bought whatever mulch we could find at that great price, and it ended up looking like a patchwork.  But, that will fade with a few months of weather!

Onto the pup of this story!  J. found two frogs in the yard, so she had put them in a bucket.  At the end of the day, it was time to release the frogs.  Sweet Pea, being curious as Boston terriers can be, came over to investigate.

She had fun chasing the frogs around the garden, even hopping after them into the weeds!  I'm sure the frogs were traumatized.

And that's the story of an afternoon in the life of Sweet Pea!

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  1. Tis a lovely shot of PUP Christine, and all its antics.

    Don't forget that I won't be able to vote also not post results, but I am playing and posting.

  2. She sure looks like a happy pup!

  3. Neat header Christine, Sweet Pea has some unusual markings.

  4. Interesting color combination and a friendly smile! Dog and frog also make for a fun outing.