Monday, November 26, 2012

Project 2012 -- Week 47

Project 2012 -- Week 47
November 18-24

Welcome to my Project 2012 weekly post!  This is my time to look back over the past week, 
choose seven favorite images I've taken, and share them here with you.  
If you have a project you're working on, please leave a comment 
so I can visit your blog and see what you're up to!

Thanksgiving week is a huge photo producer in my world, and this year was even bigger.  Jacob came home from school, we baked and cooked together, our family celebrated Thanksgiving, we went Christmas-tree-hunting with friends, and finally ended the week with a little house decorating.

We started the week with a get-together so that Jacob could spend the afternoon after church with his buddies.  This is how they started their afternoon:

[323] Boys will be boys

Jacob also helped me bake pies all afternoon Tuesday.  I glanced over at one point to see this:

[324] When boys are baking

The day before Thanksgiving looked like this:

[325] Autumn fog

Here's one image I took on Thanksgiving day, at my parents' new home.

[326] Thanksgiving table

Our friends have invited us for three years now to go up to Wisconsin with them to cut down our own Christmas tree.  We have so much fun together!

[327] Christmas tree farm

Tree-cutting was short this year due to the 18-degree temps (with wind chill).  We warmed up in the car, though, on the way to the Mouse House!

[328] Mouse House

I took the below shot through my car window on the way home.  The sun was so pretty shining through the clouds!

[329] Wisconsin landscape

You may recall that my 17-55mm lens went kaput last week.  All of the images I've taken since then have been with my 50mm lens.  Using one fixed lens has been extremely challenging, and sometimes frustrating, but mostly rewarding.  I've really been stretched, but I'm also desperately trying to figure out how to afford a new lens before Christmas--there are so many picture-taking opportunities coming up!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. While I love my 50mm, I would miss my 18-200 if it died...

    Love the butter shot! What is the mouse house?

    1. Kristal, the Mouse House Cheesehaus is a shop in Wisconsin; they sell cheese, fudge, and other items including Wisconsin souvenirs (cheesehead hats, etc.). It's a fun place to stop when we go up!

  2. Such nice pictures. So sorry about the lens, I hope that you can find a replacement somehow.