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Les Voitures de Paris -- Cars | Paris Travel

Looking east down avenue Champs-Élysées.

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This will be a fun post, I hope.  After editing the hundreds of images I took throughout our trip, I realized that there were a lot of cars.  And there was this image, at the request of my husband:

It's hard to read the LED on this pump, but it works out to about $8.00 per gallon.  Yes, that's American dollars.  (I no longer complain about our gas prices.) 

So, I'm filling my "photography tank" with some gas, by posting the various cars we saw while on our trip.

I'll start off with a fun one, and the first deliberate car picture I took.  This image made me wonder how that car got there.  And, I also wondered how he was going to get out.  :)

Interesting parking job along avneue Winston Churchill.

We noticed two very significant things about vehicles during our week in Paris:

1.  Horns were rarely used.  Streets were packed at certain hours, but we almost never heard car horns.

2.  You know the loud, booming music emanating out of many American cars?  And/or the vibrations of the bass cranked to full levels?  Not in Paris.  At all.  (That we didn't hear, anyway.)
On part of our anniversary walk, we passed the Renault showroom on avenue Champs-Élysées.

Seriously cool car!

The next day, on our Seine River boat tour, I spotted the below scene, and snapped a picture.  The car is one of those that our sons call an "escape pod," so it was tiny to begin with.  But for some reason, it looks like a little toy car in this picture.  My funny bone was struck.  :)

Then, on my birthday, our evening jaunt took us back to avenue Champs-Élysées.  At one point, we passed the Mercedes-Benz showroom and wandered in.

Love the finish on the below car.


The Mercedes-Benz showroom also sells accessories, including this umbrella:

Mercedes-Benz label, Mercedes-Benz price.
We passed the Renault dealership again, and decided to go in this time.  Fun!

This car looks really, really happy.

They were also selling this one-seater, below.  That'd be a cool car to tool around Paris in!

Well, I thought that would be the end of my car pictures, but on our last day, the below car stopped me to have its picture taken.


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  1. Oh my, such interesting cars. And I don't think I'll complain about gas prices again either after seeing that. :)