Monday, August 27, 2012

Project 2012 -- Week 34

Project 2012 -- Week 34
August 19-25

Welcome to my Project 2012 weekly post!  This is my time for looking back over the past week, choosing my seven favorites images, and sharing them here with you.  If you have a project you're working on, please leave a comment so I can visit your blog and see what you're up to!

Last week began with veggies and ended with veggies.  I'd say that's a good week of summer!  Below is the product of two different days of canning:

[232] Canning day

I saw this idea on Pinterest, and decided to try it.  I layered salads into canning jars, minus the dressing on the bottom.  Each day at lunchtime, all I had to do was dump one jar out onto a plate and top with tomatoes (I like to cut them fresh) and dressing.  I didn't fill these quart-sized jars, but trust me, once I dumped one out onto a plate I realized I had a huge salad for lunch.  My layers:  carrots, red peppers, purple onion, chopped lettuce, cucumber, green olives, cubed mozzarella cheese.  They were delicious with my homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

[233] Salad days

After another tomato harvest, I had some fun with my macro lens and caught the below once my eyes spotted the reflection.

[234] Tomato reflection

Danny, my science-minded son, called me to grab my camera right before Friday Frisbee.  He had filled his water bottle to the top, without spilling over, and filled it a bit too much.  Science concept at work:  cohesion of water.  :)

[235] Filled to the brim

At the Friday Frisbee game, Emily brought her three children.  Sammy, #2 son, decided to tackle his little sister, who's only two years old.  I think she's used to roughhousing with her two older brothers, because she took this tackle in stride.

[236] Tackle!

Thomas threw the Frisbee to me.  :)

[237] Catch, Mom!

Last photo of the week--more veggies!  I spotted a recipe over on Proud Italian Cook, and tried to duplicate it.  I had cut the palm of my hand with the knife, however, and forming veggie patties with my hand stung.  So I dumped the veggie mix into a stoneware pan and baked it.  It turned into my own version of a recipe, which I'll post on my family blog soon.  Promise.

[238] Eggplant veggie frittata

Thus ends another week of summer photos.  We're starting to get into the full swing of school, since my two college students are already in full-school mode.  Thomas is taking chemistry!  So I'll probably have some awesome photos of him doing incredible things with chemicals.  Let's hope he doesn't blow anything up.  :)

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Such great photos. That recipe you tried looks yummy and that water shot it cool :)

  2. I'll have to come back later. My internet is only downloading two of the pictures... otherwise I get a black box. I want to see the others!!!