Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Project 2012 -- Week 31

Project 2012 -- Week 31
July 29 - August 4

Welcome to my Project 2012 weekly post!  This is my time for looking back over the past week, choosing my seven favorites images, and sharing them here with you.  If you have a project you're working on, please leave a comment so I can visit your blog and see what you're up to!

I've posted all of my vacation highlights, here and here.  Now it's time to get back to reality.  (I'll post more detailed vacation images soon, I hope.)

The first week home from vacation, I did not pick up Ellie at all until Friday Frisbee.  Here are a few images from that event.

[211] Shooting the shooter

It was pretty fun when all four brothers were picked for the same team--a first!

[212] The brothers' team

Here's a shot of Thomas catching the Frisbee, instead of blocking it:

[213] Caught

And, below are a few shots from my garden during the week.

[214] Ripening

[215] Onion harvest

[216] Garlic harvest

[217] Green

It has been a great summer for my camera and me.  I feel like I've really grown and have learned so much.  And then I have those moments when I pull my camera out, look through the viewfinder, and--oops, turn it on first.  :)  But I'm still having fun!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Love your garden harvest! My green peppers are small again this year. Hopefully they will get bigger!

  2. Such nice photos, you really got some great things out of your garden. Glad you have grown with your camera, I don't feel like I have too much. I just haven't made the time to get out with it like I should. I hope to continue to work on that.