Monday, January 23, 2012

Project 2012 -- Week 3

Project 2012
Week 3 -- January 15-21

1.  Take pictures
2.  Share at least one--and up to seven!
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My favorite photos

I was a little desperate to use my camera the beginning of this past week!  I walked around the house taking pictures of everyday household items.  I ended up in front of my flute music stand, experimenting with music, notes, angles, aperture...  In post edit, I tried for an antique look, and added some grain to the photo to achieve a look I was satisfied with.

[15] Favorite music

I guess I'm a true Northerner; I sat on my front porch without a coat and with slippers on while I took some shots of my flowers trying to survive winter.

[16] Coral bells in snow

Then it was back inside, and I ended up in the kitchen.  These fortune cookies were bright and cheerful to photograph.

 [17] Fortune cookie

I drove out to a little trail in the woods near my home for a short, snowy nature walk.  I took my kit lens along, which I used to take this shot.  I wasn't awed with the image when I saw it in the camera viewfinder, but after downloading it and really studying it, I fell in love with it--the way the sun is shining on the leaf, the angle of the sun so low to the right, the sparkles and shadows in the snow, the brightness of the leaf.  I just really like it.

[18] Leaf on snow

I love shooting the sun through the trees.  I'm not so great at sun flare, but I do like to try.

 [19] Winter sun

I found a great perspective leaning against a tree, looking up into the sky.  I love the contrast in color, and in the shadow and the sky.

[20] Up through winter trees

As the sun descended, I hung around the capture the sunset, always a calm and peaceful time.

[21] Winter woods sunset

I'll post the whole of my little snowy nature walk soon!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Beautiful winter shots. Love the leaf on the snow.

  2. They are all so nice. I really like the music sheet and the shot looking up into the trees. So nice.

  3. Love the one looking up through the trees!